When To Change The Clutch-Plate Disc

Posted by: Minas Soulis

The Clutch-Plate Disc

is one of the consumable parts of the car, which annoys every driver for frequent gear changes, especially on congested roads. At the same time, it is also annoyed by the driver and quickly deteriorates if the foot does not detach from the pedal when frequent gear changes and when not fully pressed. But let’s see below, when the driver can understand the need for the Clutch-Plate Disc due to wear.

What can cause a hard clutch-pedal?

The clutch assembly consists of the disc and the plate, that is the well-known Clutch-Plate Disc. The springs and scallops of the plate may have become stiffer and the pedal also hardened. In this case the car needs a clutch replacement.

What happens when I press the clutch and the gear does not engaged?

When the clutch pedal is pressed and the gear is not engaged, then the clutch disc is heavily damaged. In this case you need to quickly change the Clutch-Plate Disc. Of course, there may also be significant damage or damage to the gearbox.

I press the throttle and while the engine is turning, the car does not accelerate

When this happens, it means that the Clutch-Plate Disc has been completely smoothed so that it slides off and cannot properly transmit the engine torque. In this case a clutch replacement is required, otherwise the car will move with great difficulty and skate.

Why should the Clutch-Plate Disc be changed when the car skates?

Clutch-Plate Disc should be replaced because if the disc is worn, the car skates, and if the plate is worn it hardens the pedal and is very likely to break. If the clutch is worn heavily, the car will stop.

Clutch kit prices start at around € 150 for small cars, and the cost varies and varies depending on the model.