Shift Gears Without Clutch

Posted by: Minas Soulis

The truth is that sometimes we may experience something unexpected when we are behind the wheel of our car. One of what we can do is stay without a clutch pedal. Most of the time such a failure can mean for many… roadside assistance. However, if you know the way, you can change speed without a clutch. So let’s see how the technique works.

Driving your car without a clutch is extremely difficult and dangerous and we do not recommend it at all. However, if there are safety reasons, for example, if you were clutching in an isolated area and wanting to go to a more secure place, this choice is one way.

First of all, you must always remember that the car should not be stopped because then you have to choose “dead” in the box and there is no way to re-set any speed. Since you are on the move and you realize that the clutch is no longer working, then you have to do the following. Accelerate the car to the point where you will make the next turn. Then you have to leave the throttle and push the dial to the next link. Do not press it hard. Just wait until the gearbox rotation rate synchronizes with the engine. Then speed will come in as long as you exercise enough strength.

If the speed is not reached after about a second, then slightly increase the engine speed with the throttle and push the dial again to the desired gearbox ratio

If you want to download speed, then get your foot out of the throttle and as soon as the turns drop enough (at about 1.500 rpm) select the desired gear in the box and push it slightly until it clicks. You may need to give a small throttle in order to synchronize gearbox and engine.

In the above ways, you can choose the desired gear in the box and make several kilometers, adjusting your speed to a rate that does not stop and you reach a safe point to call road assistance.

Always remember that … the trick is to match the speed of the engine with those of the box and above all that the above technique can not be done with the car stopped.

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MS Auto does not bear any responsibility for any damage to the car or accident that may be caused by the above technique. This technique is only for clutch pedal failure and if you can not call road safety or it is necessary to continue your journey despite the damage to a more secure place