Instead of Diesel I Put Gasoline… Now What?

Posted by: Minas Soulis

Don't Panic

With diesel cars in circulation and in Greece being now a few thousand, it can not be ruled out that there is a wrong supply of fuel and instead of gasoline being filled with petrol. But what if this is the case and what action does the driver have to do before the engine starts?

The first move is to open the car owner’s manual and refer to the relevant chapter. In the event that you start the car, then this drive can be devastating to the engine and very costly. Due to the fact that all new oil engines have nozzle pump technology, commonly direct injection sprays, even small quantities of unsuitable fuel can cause significant engine damage and damage the pump along with the injectors. If it is older technology, the oil engine, ie swirling without direct injection, a small amount of gasoline, are usually not harmful.

In any case you should consult a workshop and if the check engine and the engine scrutinize, vibrate and hear unusual noises after the refueling, switch off the car immediately, immobilize it and call the roadside assistance.

You should also be aware that in such cases the engine is not covered by the warranty and the cost of changing the injectors, pump, filters and cleaning the engine and the fuel tank is high. That’s why you always pay attention when refueling!